Health and Safety (Conversation set)

Designed in collaboration with WorkSafe NZ - everything you need to start talking about health and safety at work.

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Safer organisations perform better. But safer organisations don’t occur by focusing on hazards and incidents. Safety is a natural consequence of focusing on resilience. Our Health and Safety set is designed to elicit conversations centered around the behaviours that have the most impact on resilience.


Here is the full conversation set.




Rated Statement Conversation Starter
We can do our work in all conditions. What conditions do you find tiring or hard to put up with?
We have the support we need to get the job done well. What would help you to do your job better?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter

We can handle our work even when it is intense.

What times do you least or most prefer at work?
I usually feel that our work is under control. When is your work most difficult?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter

I am able to focus on my main tasks.

What would allow you to focus more on your main tasks?

We are set up to be efficient and focused. What gets in the way of doing your job?




Rated Statement Conversation Starter

We are set up to succeed at work.

What would it be helpful to have easier access to?

We know how we should adapt our work when needed. What changes when the pressure is on?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter

Safety is our top priority.

When were you pulled in more than one direction?

If we need to make trade-offs, we choose well.

What do you worry might happen here?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter
Our work is not often upset by surprises. What disrupts our plans the most?

Work goes as planned.

What came 'out of the blue' recently?




Rated Statement Conversation Starter

When things go wrong, we help each other learn to do better.

What could we do better to learn from what goes wrong?

It is worth my time to make suggestions. How might we improve how we work?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter

We're allowed to make work safer in ways that make sense to us.

What ideas have you come up with to make work safer?

Our people help to make their work safer.

How can we help people think about being safe?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter

Our procedures make sense for the work we do.

When do the rules cause problems?

Our leaders understand the work we do.

What mistakes might a new person make?