Access the live feed

📺  Watch the video lesson here: Responding to feedback in Joyous


If you are a leader or someone who has been tasked with responding to people in Joyous, you will be able to view people's responses in the live feed. 


📝  Note: New users will receive a Getting Started with Joyous email to log in for the first time. You will either log in with your Microsoft work account or set up a password directly in Joyous. This depends on your organisation.


There are three ways you can access your live feed, either from your conversation drawer, from the browser, or from your daily summary email.


1. Your conversation drawer.

  • Click or tap the three vertical lines in your conversation feed. A drawer will pop out.
  • Click or tap GO TO LEADER VIEW. This will take you to the live feed.

2. Browse to the live feed.


3. Select feedback from your daily summary.

  • As someone who can see other people's feedback, you will receive a daily summary of conversations you have not seen from the day before.
  • Your daily summary will include various notification tiles.
  • You can click on any of these tiles and you will be taken directly to the related conversation in Joyous.
  • Your daily summary includes:
    • New responses from your direct reports.
    • New comments and reactions on conversations belonging to your direct reports.
    • New comments and reactions for any conversation in which you have participated - even if it's not your direct reports'.
    • A tip if someone in your team responds for the very first time.
    • A tip if someone doesn't respond often and has responded - to highlight that the topic may be important to them.
    • A tip if someone in your team hasn't responded to the last three conversation starters - to highlight that they have gone quiet.

 📝  Note: If there was no unseen activity the previous day then you will not receive a daily summary.