Agile adoption (Conversation set)

Increase Agile adoption, detect and diagnose risks, improve performance in squad teams. 


This set is perfect for organisations that use the scaled agile framework, cruising squad teams, or any variation of Agile for all or part of their organisation.


Using this set will help improve the coaching effectiveness of Agile coaches and scrum masters. It also helps to maintain a growth mindset for each individual by encouraging people to reflect on how they could improve collaboration, be more adaptable and learn continuously.


Here is the full conversation set.




Rated Statement Conversation Starter
I feel empathy for my squad members and our customer.  How might you build a closer relationship with your squad and customer?
Our squad works together to solve problems. What could you do to help improve squad collaboration? 


Rated Statement Conversation Starter

I find it easy to adapt to continuous change.

What helps you the most when facing changes?
Our squad's focus is on delivering value to our customer. What changes would help you deliver more value to the customer?

Learning Cycles

Rated Statement Conversation Starter

I am often making improvements to do better.

How might you make improvements more often?

I regularly identify what has worked and what has not. What would be the best way to identify and share what's working and what is not?




Rated Statement Conversation Starter

The role of each individual in my squad is clear to me.

Are there any roles you would like to understand more about?

It is clear how my role helps our squad deliver value to our customer. Is there anything you do that is missing from your [team's] definition of done?

Team Structure

Rated Statement Conversation Starter

It is clear how [org]'s agile structure allows our squad to perform.

Are there any agile roles missing from [org]?

Our squad is able to deliver value independently.

How might we solve for dependencies faster?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter
Our squad prioritises the work that delivers the most value. Do you have any questions around our priorities?

Our sprint planning and grooming sessions are efficient.

How might we make planning and grooming more efficient?




Rated Statement Conversation Starter

Our squad rituals are well-run.

How might we improve our squad rituals?

I get value out of participating in our squad rituals. What might make our rituals more valuable to you?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter

I feel like I have a say in our planning sessions.

What is one thing you would like our squad to consider more during planning?

The way we plan and make decisions enables us to rapidly test and learn.

How might our squad test and learn more rapidly?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter

My squad delivers value to our customer regularly.

What might our squad do to deliver value more regularly?

My performance is measured by the outcomes I help deliver.

What is an outcome you helped to deliver recently?


Technology and Environment

Physical Environment

Rated Statement Conversation Starter

My squad's physical environment allows us to work in an agile way.

What ways could your squad adapt the physical space to be more suited to agile?

I have the devices and connectivity I need to work effectively. Are there any issues you have with your devices and connectivity?

Delivery Pipeline

Rated Statement Conversation Starter
Our integration process allows us to deliver value often. Is there anything we could do to speed up our integration process?

Our test approach is as automated as it should be.

What aspects of our test approach would you like us to automate further?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter
Our squad has the right tools to support an agile way of working. Are there any tools that your squad needs to be more agile?
Our systems enable us to perform at a sustainable pace. How might we improve our systems to support a sustainable pace?