Applying filters to a heatmap

📺  Watch the video lesson here: Understanding heatmaps


Apply filters to Heatmaps to narrow the results further. You will be able to filter by Category, Campaign, and Rating question.

You may also be able to filter by attributes such as Gender, Business Group, or Location depending on the attributes that are sent to us in your people data.

You will not be able to filter by sentiment or My Direct Reports, however, there is a My Direct Reports Heatmap that you can select from the Heatmap dropdown.


💡  Tip: Click the blue FILTERS button to see what filters are available to you.


1. Apply a filter.

  • Applying filters to a heatmap works in the same way as it does on the live feed.
  • In the example below, applying the Engineering filter to the Location heatmap allows us to see the average scores of only the engineering people by location.