Applying filters to Participation

Apply filters in Participation to see specific results. You can filter by Category, Campaign, and Rating question.

You may also be able to filter by attributes such as Gender, Business Group, or Location. This depends on the attributes sent to us in your people data.

You cannot filter by sentiment or My Direct Reports. However, you can select My Direct Reports  from the Columns dropdown in the panel on the right.


1. Apply a filter.

  • Filters in Participation work the same way they do in the live feed.
  • Select a filter from the blue filter menu or type the name of the filter into the filter bar.
  • Applying the Well-being filter allows us to see the participation for the Well-being category.
  • If you apply a rating question filter and that question has been asked more than once, you can choose which round to see from the options below the question filter.