Creating opportunities for change that leaders can easily action about individual employee experiences.


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This conversation set is based on our extensive EX Genome research project. It covers everything from well-being, culture & environment, engagement, and fairness and inclusion. This is our most extensive set, including 48 conversation pairs. That's enough to have unique conversations every week for a year.


Most rated statements in this set follow up with a question about your personal experience, rather than that of your leader or leaders' behaviour, making it comfortable for you to give feedback, and also comfortable for your leader to receive and take action on your feedback.

Culture categories and topics

Category Topics
  • Workload
  • Security
  • Support
Culture and Environment
  • Clarity
  • Responsibility
  • Physical Environment
  • Energy
  • Immersion
  • Dedication
Fairness and Inclusion
  • Belonging
  • Opportunity
  • Fairness



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