Diagram: Running a campaign

A basic overview of the flow and user experience for running a campaign


Figure 1 - Launch campaign flow and user experience


The diagram above outlines the basic positive flow and user experience for running a campaign.

The primary users of a live campaign

1. An employee - also referred to as an audience member.

2. A facilitator, one of more people who are assigned to reply to employees to ensure actionable responses are gathered. 

The employee experience

1. Joyous initiates contact with each audience member by sending a message at the scheduled send time for each conversation in a campaign. These are queued and sent via the configured contact method.

2. The message includes a link containing a unique token. Clicking on the link takes the user to a browser-based chat where they can view and interact with Joyous questions. 

Note: No login is required and there is no app to download for an audience member.

3. If a facilitator replies to an audience member, the audience member will receive a notification using the same method as the original contact. They can then engage in a conversation with the facilitator, providing further clarification if needed.

The dashboard experience

1. When a campaign launches, facilitators and other campaign stakeholders are notified.

2. They log in to the Joyous dashboard using a secure sign-on.

3. They can view responses from audience members on a live feed, and reply to audience members.

4. They can also view a dashboard that shows an overview of a campaign, themes and an action plan.


For further details and information relating to using Joyous please refer to the audience resources and facilitator resources on our Help Center