FAQs for responders

Q: Why can't I access my account?

A: There are two possible reasons:

1. Have you activated your account using the welcome email?
If not, contact us at support@joyoushq.com. We can resend your activation email.

2. Is there an internal problem with your browser or SSO?
If you have SSO in place (such as Microsoft, which you can see in the password screen of the login journey), then there may be an issue within your internal environment or browser. In this case, you may need to contact your internal IT department to resolve the issue.



Q: Why am I not receiving leader notifications?

A: There are several possible reasons:

1. Notification frequency
As a leader, you'll receive one daily summary at 8am (local time) outlining the activity in your team's conversations. If you did not receive this summary, it means your there was no conversation activity from any of your direct reports.

2. Do you have any direct reports?
If not, you won't receive leader summary notifications.

3. Are you part of a dotted-line relationship (e.g. Agile coach or Tribe lead)?
If so, you will only receive notifications for conversations that you have responded to.



Q: How do I see the entire organisation in Joyous?

A: You'll need special permission from whoever looks after Joyous in your organisation. Contact an HR or Joyous representative to seek permission.



Q: What should I do if my reporting lines or direct reports aren't correct?

A: Joyous is typically integrated with your organisation's people data which will need to be updated in order to take effect in Joyous. Contact us at support@joyoushq.com to let us know which reports are not correct. We'll get in touch with the main contact within your organisation to resolve the issue. 



Q: Can I send a person a question that has already been sent that they previously missed?

A: This isn't currently possible. The person can be added to the people data and they can receive the next question, but they won't be able to receive a question that's already been sent by the platform.



Q: Why are total response rates different when I filter by different columns in Heatmaps?

A: This is likely because your people data has some missing information. Contact us at support@joyoushq.com to let us know where the discrepancies are. We'll get in touch with the main contact within your organisation to resolve the issue.



Q: How do I see when a response was submitted?

A: In notifications (the bell icon located at the top right of your feed), each response notification has a time and date stamp.



Q: I have received a notification to "To start using Joyous and set up your access click here and sign in with your Microsoft account", however, when I follow the link and select my email address from the list it takes me back to the same start page. How do I fix this issue?

A: Restarting your browser or using a different browser should solve this problem.



Q: In the Insights tab, does it by default show me my team?

A: The data in the Insights tab is based on people within your hierarchy, so anyone who is under you in your reporting line will be represented in those metrics. To view metrics for a specific team or area of the organisation, you can apply relevant filters to the filter bar. To view your direct team's metrics, apply the My Direct Reports filter.



Q: How do I pull or download an export of data?

A: We don't currently have the ability to download data straight from the Joyous tool, but we do work with senior leaders within organisations to extract insights and themes within the data.


Q: Does Joyous have an app?
A: We don't currently have an app. This is so we can make Joyous accessible and easy to use for all participants. By using a web browser participants do not need to download any app to answer questions. This means participants do not require a login to answer questions as the web link is unique to them.
If you want to access Joyous from the home screen of your phone like an app, you can do that by browsing to go.joyoushq.com on your preferred web browser and pinning this to your home screen.