FAQ for team members

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have any further questions please email them through to support@joyoushq.com

Q: My name is incorrect in Joyous, how do I get this corrected?

A: Contact us via the Chat with Joyous function, accessible in your conversation drawer or email us at support@joyoushq.com. Let us know your email address, and what the correct name should be.



Q: Why am I not receiving notifications?

A: You'll receive an hourly summary any time there is activity on one of your own conversations, such as a leader adding a comment or a reaction. In case there's a lot of activity on one conversation during a short time, we group notifications together every hour. If you are not receiving any notifications, this means there is no activity within any of your conversations.



Q: How do I log in?
A: There are no logins for Joyous team members. You'll receive your questions via email or SMS. Simply click a score in your email or the link in your SMS. This will take you to your individual conversation feed. Do not forward your emails or SMS to other users as they contain links that are unique to you.



Q: Is there a time limit for when a question has to be answered?

A: Some campaigns may have a time limit for responding. This is typically 1-2 weeks after the final question has been sent. You will see a Campaign closed message when the campaign is no longer accepting responses.

Some campaigns however may remain open indefinitely in which case, you can answer a question any time after it has been sent. Find the email/SMS linked to the question or find a recent Joyous email and click a rating button or the link that says Go to your Joyous feed. You can scroll through your feed to find reminders about unanswered questions and can submit a reply to these questions at any time.


Q: What do I do once I’ve finished answering the question(s)?

A: There’s nothing else you need to do once you’ve given your feedback. Everything is saved as you go, so you can just close the window.



Q: How do I insert an emoji into one of my comments? 🦄 🧐 🌈

On a mobile phone:
You can insert an emoji using your phone keyboard.

On a Mac computer:
Hold down [control] + [command] + [spacebar]

On a Windows computer:
Hold down [windows] + [semi-colon]

On a Linux computer:
Right-click in any text field and click “Insert Emoji.” OR hold down [Ctrl]+ [+]

Alternatively, you can use the online emoji library and copy+paste the emoji you want to use.



Q: Can I answer a free-text question without selecting a number?

A: To skip the rating scale question via email, click on the Go to your Joyous feed link your email. This will take you to your conversation where you can 'Skip' the rating scale question and answer any following questions.