Gaining real-time insights

Using this information, leaders can take even more action, to make life better for you.

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Your leaders have access to real-time insights and heatmaps. These show the distribution of scores across your team members. Joyous helps leaders to understand when someone is scoring differently from others, offering a clue about something they might want to try and understand more about.


As you can see from the image below, we break down our insights and recommendations to your leaders and subject matter experts by category, topic or conversation. Using this information, leaders can take even more action, to make life better for you.


Real-time insights in Joyous

Additional theme analysis and recommendations

Senior leaders receive actionable reports from Joyous, summarised at an organisation level, and by division. In these reports, we recommend a focus item, and we also report on response rates, the major opportunities for change and top positive themes.


These reports are generated using a combination of machine intelligence, and automation. Our data analysts review each report to ensure the recommendations are actionable. These insights come directly from the responses provided by you, and the conversations you have in Joyous.


We also include a summary of the responses, including the average scores, the sentiment based on scores, and how many people engaged in a conversation, which we call the conversation funnel.


A sample of an organisation-wide summary in our theme analysis report

Also included in our theme analysis reports is a breakdown of positive themes, and top opportunities for change by category. Many senior leaders have monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss and select action items from Joyous reports.


A sample of themes by category in our theme analysis report