Creating opportunities for operational improvements that can positively impact well-being in healthcare.

Patient or Client Care

First Contact

Rated Statement Conversation Starter
New patients find it easy to join [org] Is there anything we could do differently to streamline the new patient process?
On first contact, I have all the information I need readily available to support them. Can you share an example of a time when a lack of information affected your ability to help a new patient?
It is clear what is expected of me when I first meet a new patient. Do you have any questions about what is expected of you when meeting a new patient?
I feel comfortable supporting new patients. Would anything help you feel more comfortable supporting new patients?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter
I have the time to perform a comprehensive assessment when seeing patients. Is there anything we can do to free up more time to assess patients?
I have opportunities to care for patients the way I think is best. Is there anything you would like to do differently that would improve patient outcomes?
I have the help and resources I need to provide comprehensive patient care. Can you share a time when a lack of help and resources affected you?
The treatment we provide our patients is comprehensive How can we improve the treatment we offer our patients? 
Patient rehabilitation is sufficient to avoid relapse and repeat injuries. What can we do to improve our patient rehabilitation practices?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter
Our health services are well co-ordinated Are there any gaps in the integration of the care our patients receive?
I am able to communicate well with other health services. Is there anything we can do to improve our communication with other health services?
The systems and processes at [org] allow me to co-ordinate easily with other services. What is one thing that would help improve co-ordination in our systems and processes?
Referral processes to internal and external services are streamlined. How might we further streamline our referral process?
My physical workspaces allow me to perform my role well. What is one thing you would change about your work environment if you could?
There are always people available to help when there is a high patient volume. Are there any opportunities to automate things that are taking time to do manually?
The tools, technology, and equipment at [org] allow me to perform my role well. Is there any equipment or tools that need replacing or updating?


Rated Statement Conversation Starter
I am able to establish trust with patients. What stands in the way of you building strong ongoing trust with patients?
I have time to ensure patient care plan is reviewed periodically as needed. How often are you able to review your patient care plans?
I am empowered to treat our patients in a timely manner. What stands in your way to get our patients treated within a reasonable time?
I have the time I need to meet the daily challenges I face. What is the one area/aspect of your job that you wish you had more time for?
During my workday, I am confident in my ability to personally connect with your patients. What would help improve your ability to personally connect with your patients?
During my workday, I am empowered to care for patients in a meaningful way. What would help you feel more empowered to care for patients in the way you feel is best?

Operational Improvement Example

The following example highlights a common scenario in healthcare and how you might shape conversations around improving a specific process.

Discharge Process

Rated Statement Conversation Starter
I am able to discharge patients in a reasonable time. How can we speed up the patient discharge process?
Patients treat me with respect when we are taking longer than usual to discharge them. Can you think of a recent example when you were not treated with respect?
I feel confident discharging patients efficiently. What support do you need to feel more confident discharging patients quickly?