How do I add the campaign audience?

The audience setting lets you choose the people you want to send conversations to.

You can set your campaign audience by:

  1. Targeting a specific group in the organization using attributes.
  2. Including everyone in the organization.
  3. Uploading a CSV file with a list of specific people.
  4. Distributing the conversation send across a group.

For conversations that are set up to send across multiple days, you also have the option to distribute conversation sends evenly based on a specific group. This approach ensures that conversations are delivered to a diverse range of participants.

1. Target specific group using the Attribute option

  • Select 'Attribute' option.
  • Type an 'Attribute name' or 'Attribute value' in the input field. Click on the 'Attribute value' to select.
    • You can also select the 'Attribute value' from the dropdown menu.
  • You can select multiple 'Attribute values' from different Attributes that are set up in Joyous for your organization.
  • Click 'SAVE' to confirm audience setup.

2. Include everyone in the organization

  • Select 'Everyone' option.
  • Click 'SAVE' to confirm audience setup.

⚠️  Sending to everyone in the organization is potentially a large number of participants. Please ensure that the campaign is designed for this option. 

Additionally, you might want to spread the conversation send over multiple days to give the responders the time to reply to feedback.  


3. Upload a CSV file with a list of specific people 

Here is a sample CSV audience file to use as a starting point. 

The CSV file must have the unique people data identifier that is used in Joyous (e.g. email, employee ID, mobile number, etc).  Make sure that this unique identifier column has a header name.

  • Select 'CSV audience' option and click 'UPLOAD CSV'.
  • Choose a file and click 'CONTINUE'.
  • In the 'Column to match' input field, choose the 'unique identifier' column name from the CSV file. Based on the identifier, Joyous will check if the specified audience exist in the organization.
    • The count of participants that are not in Joyous is displayed below the 
      'Column to match' input field.
    • You can download the list of participants that are not in Joyous by selecting the 'See who is missing in Joyous' link.
  • Click 'CONTINUE' to confirm. 
    • To remove the CSV audience file, click the 'Remove' (🗑️) icon. 'UPLOAD CSV' will re-enable.
  • Click 'SAVE' to confirm audience setup.

4. Distribute the conversation send across a group.

  • Select an attribute from the 'Attribute to spread by' dropdown menu.
  • Click 'SAVE' to confirm audience setup.