How do I add extension attributes to a Microsoft Entra ID integration?

After launching Joyous, you may need to add new attributes to your integration (e.g. division).

If you have a Microsoft Entra ID integration, you can add extension attributes by following the steps below.


🗒  You will only need to follow these steps if your attribute is not listed in the 


Step 1

  • Find the "extensions-app-id" identifier. To do this, navigate to:

    Entra ID > App registrations > All applications 

Step 2

  • Search for the app that starts with aad-extensions-app, and select it.

Step 3

  • On the app's Overview page, write down the Application (client) ID.

Step 4

  • Confirm the attribute name identifier and send this through to your Joyous contact along with the Application (client) ID. 


🔐  If you'd like to learn more about how Joyous handles data security, read our Privacy and Security Overview.