How do I get help with Joyous?

Use the 'Chat with Joyous' function to search our knowledge base or chat with someone from our support team.

There are two ways to access the 'Chat with Joyous' function: from your conversation feed or from the leader view. Within the 'Chat with Joyous' function, you can search our help center or talk to someone from our support team.

1. Chat with Joyous from your conversation feed.

  • Click or tap the three vertical lines (≡) in the top left corner
  • A drawer will pop out
  • Click or tap 'Chat with Joyous'. A chatbox will appear

2. Chat with Joyous from the leader view.

  • Click or tap your name in the top right-hand corner of the leader view
  • Then, click or tap Chat with Joyous
  • A chat box will appear and you can talk to one of our support team or search the help center

3. Search the Help Center. 

  • Click or tap the 'Search the Help Center'.
  • Type your question or query in the chatbox, then press the send arrow or hit return on your keyboard.
  • The chat will return relevant results, click on the result to navigate to the help center with more detail.


4. Talk with someone from our Support team,

  • Click on 'Fetch someone'.
  • You can submit your email address to receive a notification when the Joyous team responds.
  • Describe in detail what the problem is or what you need help with. Then press the send arrow or hit return on your keyboard.
  • Our support team will receive your message and respond to you within business hours.
  • If no email address is given, you will see a response the next time you are in your conversation feed.