How do I import people data with a CSV file?

Getting started

After deciding who will be included in your Joyous data we can easily import your people data directly into Joyous via CSV file.

Our preferred method of delivery is through SFTP.

Follow the 3 steps below to complete the import of your people data using a CSV file.

STEP 1: Creating the CSV file

🗒  Here is a sample CSV file for you to use as a starting point.

Required attributes for each unique individual:

  • Individual identifier e.g. an employee id or email address
  • Given name (include only first or preferred name)
  • Last name
  • Email address and/or mobile phone number based on the preferred contact method
  • Manager id/email (individual identifier of the manager who will be responding to the individual)
    • The manager must have their own unique row and individual identifier in the data
    • Only the highest manager will not have a facilitator id value
  • All people who will be logging into the Joyous tool (such as managers or full visibility people) will need a email

Extra custom attributes can be used as flags and filters within the Joyous tool. We recommend including at least the following:

  • Job title
  • Division
  • Location

STEP 2. Providing Joyous with the CSV file

  • Generate an SSH Key Pair and send Joyous the Public Key
  • Exchange SFTP details with Joyous and conduct a test file transfer
  • Set up ongoing transfer of the CSV extract

🔐  Our preference for receiving data is through a secure file transfer. If you are unable to set up a secure file transfer, please contact your Joyous Account Manager to set up a secure alternative solution.

STEP 3: Data quality checks

When your data is sent through we will do the following data checks. Checking for these yourself will speed up the process:

  • Number of individuals included is correct
  • No duplicate individuals
  • All people have a manager id/email assigned (excluding the highest leader)
  • Each individual has an entry for their preferred contact method (email or mobile number)
  • Mobile number is correctly formatted <area code><mobile number>
  • Given name only includes first or preferred name and family name is in a separate column
  • All people that need to log in to Joyous are included as unique rows in the people data and have an email address
  • Extra custom attributes are present
  • We will check that there is no circular reporting line - i.e., a manager listed twice within the same reporting line.


After completing the 3 steps above your integration is complete.

🗒  For information on setting up Single Sign-on, read:

Setting up Microsoft Entra ID Single Sign-On 

Setting up Okta Single Sign-on.


Data Security at Joyous

Read the article about SSH Key Management at Joyous for more information on how SFTP transfers of people data files are secured.

🔐  If you'd like to learn more about how Joyous handles data security, read our Privacy and Security Overview