How do I respond to feedback with an image?

If you are a facilitator, you can reply to audience member comments by uploading an image.


1. Click or tap on the camera in the comment box.

  • If you are on a mobile device, take a photo and send it. Select an image or GIF from your files if you are on a computer.

2. Send your image.

  • You have the option to type a message or you can just send the image by hitting the small blue send arrow.

3. Your image is sent.  

  • A small blue tick will appear below the image after it is sent. 

4. Edit your image.

  • Click on your image, then click Edit message.
  • You can adjust the image caption, then click the blue tick to resend the message.
  • If you want to change your image, you need to remove the image, and then reupload it.

5. View your image.

  • Click on your image, then click View image.

6. Remove your image.

  • Click on your image, click Remove message, then click REMOVE MESSAGE. 

💡  Tip: You can send more than one image if you like.