How do I send Joyous conversations with Slack?

Many organizations are moving towards more cohesive internal communication strategies, where employees expect important business communication to come through official platforms such as Slack.

Your Joyous campaigns can reach employees where they already spend their time by sending conversations and notifications via Slack direct messages with our notification app.

About this integration

The Joyous app for Slack is a chat bot that can:

  • Send direct messages to Slack users with links to Joyous conversations or notifications.

The app receives minimal permissions to operate and has no broader access to your Slack environment. For more information see the appendix on permissions at the bottom of this page.

The app is available as part of your commercial license to the Joyous enterprise feedback platform. For more information on our service and pricing, get in touch with one of our people and book a demo.


In order for Joyous to match your people to the correct Slack user, you must ensure that the email address passed to Joyous in your People Data is the same as the email address used by your people to access Slack.

Install the Joyous app for Slack

Installation can only be performed by a user who is an administrator in both Joyous and Slack.

  1. Sign in to Joyous
  2. Navigate to Configure > Integrations
  3. Click Install Joyous for Slack
    1. A new window will open your Slack settings
    2. You may be asked to sign in if you have not already
  4. Review the permissions requested by the Joyous app
    1. See the appendix at the bottom of this page for more information on requested permissions.
  5. Click Continue to install

Use the Joyous app for Slack

  1. After you have successfully installed the app, inform your Joyous customer service representative, who will confirm the connection has been successful.
  2. When creating campaigns in Joyous, you can specify Slack as the first priority sending method. Audience members will receive conversations and notifications via Slack direct messages from the Joyous app.
  3. When sending people data to Joyous, you can specify Slack as the preferred contact method for the appropriate people, who will receive conversations and notifications via Slack direct messages from the Joyous app, regardless of campaign configuration.
  4. Slack direct messages from the Joyous app contain links that direct your employees to the conversation on the Joyous platform relevant to campaign or notification activity.

If you require any assistance with campaign or people data configuration, contact your Joyous customer service representative.

Appendix: App Permissions

The Joyous app for Slack requests minimal scope permissions to send and receive messages.

  • chat:write - Post messages in approved channels & conversations.
  • users:read - View people in a workspace.
  • - View email addresses of people in a workspace. Email addresses are used to retrieve Slack User IDs in order to send messages in the workspace.

For more information see Slack's app permissions documentation.