How do I send Joyous conversations with Meta Workplace?

Many organizations are moving towards more cohesive internal communication strategies, where employees expect important business communication to come through official platforms such as Meta Workplace.

Your Joyous campaigns can reach employees where they already spend their time by sending conversations and notifications via Workplace chats with our notification app.

About this integration

The Joyous Workplace app is a chat bot that can:

  • Send chat messages to Workplace users with links to Joyous conversations or notifications.

The Joyous Workplace app receives minimal permissions to operate and has no broader access to your Workplace environment. For more information see the appendix on permissions at the bottom of this page.


The People Data you send to Joyous must include an identifier that allows us to match your people in the Joyous platform to the correct Workplace user. There are 2 options:

  1. Include the Meta User ID for each person;
  2. Include the email address used to sign in to Workplace for each person.
You can find the Meta User IDs and Workplace email addresses for your people in Admin Panel > People > ... > Export employee information

Install the Joyous Workplace App

Installation can only be performed by a user who is an administrator in both Joyous and Workplace.

  1. Sign in to Joyous
  2. Navigate to Configure > Integrations
  3. Click Install Joyous for Workplace
    1. A new window will open your Workplace settings
    2. You may be asked to sign in if you have not already
  4. Review the permissions requested by the Joyous app
    1. See the appendix at the bottom of this page for more information on requested permissions.
  5. Click Continue to install

What happens next?

Wait while the app is installed in your Workplace environment. This can take up to 3 minutes.

After the installation has completed you should see the Joyous app listed with the Pending Confirmation status. This will be automatically updated once the Joyous system confirms the connection with Meta Workplace.

If you still see Pending Confirmation after 10 minutes, please contact your Joyous customer service representative.

Appendix: App Permissions

The Joyous Workplace app requests minimal permissions to send and receive messages.

  • message - send and receive chat messages to and from any member of your community.

For more information see Meta's application permissions documentation.