How do I set up my Joyous username and password?

If your organization does not use SSO, facilitators will receive an email to set up a Joyous password.

Facilitators will automatically receive an email invitation to set up their Joyous password when they have been selected to take part in a campaign.

1. To set up a Joyous password.

  • Click the SETUP PASSWORD button in their email invitation
  • From there, you will be taken to a new tab where you can choose a new password
  • This password will be used to login to the Live Feed, Dashboard and Participation pages within the Joyous platform

How does Joyous ensure you create a safe password?

1. Passwords must be 16 characters long.
2. Passwords have no upper limit on password length.
3. Passwords must contain both alpha and numerical characters.
4. Passwords are checked against commonly used words/sequence.
5. You can change your password securely at any time.
6. We provide you with a password strength indicator when you create your password.