How do I use Starred Conversations?

Starred conversations are an easy way to keep track of important conversations.

Facilitators can mark conversations with a star and filter the Live Feed to view Starred conversations for later review.

1. Star a conversation.

  • Click or tap on the star icon in the conversation card header. This marks the conversation with a filled star
  • Tap or click on the star icon again to unmark it

    Star a conversation-1

2. Filter Starred conversations.

  • Type 'Starred conversations' into the filter bar and select it from the dropdown
  • Alternatively, click the filter icon, expand Conversation Filters, and select 'Starred conversations' to apply it to the filter bar
  • To remove the filter, click on the 'x' on the right side of the filter chip or place your cursor to the right of the filter chip and hit delete, or uncheck it from the filter list

Filter starred conversations

📝  Note: 'Starred conversations' are not facilitator-specific. If a facilitator 'stars' a conversation, it will also be starred for all other facilitators.