How do I use the Campaign Timeline?

The campaign timeline lets you see past, present, and upcoming campaigns.

The campaign timeline gives you a visual indication of past, present, and future campaigns allowing you to plan accordingly. Within the timeline, you can:

  • Navigate through time
  • Apply a campaign to the filter bar
  • Reduce and expand the timeline
  • View campaign participation

1. Navigate through time.

  • Click the forward and back arrows
    • The back arrow takes you back 1 month in time
    • The forward arrow takes you forward 1 month in time
  • Click the 'TODAY' button
    • This takes you to a view of the current month

2. Apply a campaign to the filter bar.

  • Click on a campaign tile
    • This will show information and insights about the campaign applied.
    • If the campaign is completed, you can see top actionable themes, rating summaries, and average score breakdowns by attributes.

3. Reduce and expand the timeline.

  • Click 'REDUCED' then select 'EXPANDED' to show more campaigns in the campaign timeline 
  • Click 'EXPANDED' then select 'REDUCED' to reduce the size of the campaign timeline.

4. View campaign participation.

  • Total unique participants: This is the number of unique people who answered at least one question in the campaign, as a percentage of the total audience count.

  • Total conversations: This is the percentage of conversations that turned into two-way chats (conversations that have both audience and facilitator comments).