How do you set up visibility for Agile leaders?

Joyous typically imports people data from your HRIS. Often agile organizations maintain their agile groupings such as Tribes and Squads in a different system, because they change a lot more frequently.

To update your agile groupings in Joyous, we need two files from you:

  1. List of people by agile group membership
  2. List of leaders for each agile group

Agile group membership file

Your CSV or spreadsheet file should have the following columns for each person:

  • A unique person id (company employee id, email)
  • One column for each agile group (tribe, squad)

Note: The unique person id in this file should be the same as the id used to import people data from your HRIS.

Optional columns that can be helpful:

  • Given name
  • Last name
  • Email (if not already included as the id)

🗒Here is a sample CSV file for you to use as a starting point.

Agile group leaders file

Leaders of agile groups get visibility of Joyous conversations for people who are members of those groups.

Your file should list each agile group and the leaders of that group:

Tribes Tribe Leads
Tribe 1 John Leader
Jane Leader
Tribe 2

Jack Leader
Jill Leader

🗒Here is a sample CSV file for you to use as a starting point.