How leaders see feedback

Leaders have access to a live feed of conversations from their team members in Joyous.

Watch the video lesson here: How Joyous works


Who can see feedback varies from organization to organization.


Various people in your organization might have visibility of your feedback, most commonly it will be your direct leader and the leaders above them. Feedback often flows all the way up as far as the CEO of your organization. It is also common for some HR members to have visibility of your feedback.


When you respond, your feedback will instantly appear in their feed.


Anyone who has visibility can view your feedback, react to it, and respond to you in real-time. Leaders might respond to you to ask you for more information, thank you for your feedback, or even to take action based on what you suggested.


When a leader responds to you, you will be notified, using the same delivery mechanism as you receive questions, either by SMS or email. You can then chat back or react, just like any regular chat app. The best thing about Joyous having open feedback is that it creates regular opportunities for change at an individual level - for you.


How feedback appears in the Joyous live feed for leaders.


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