How to design a culture survey

Run a Culture Survey to crowdsource ideas for improving the culture at your organisation.

We recommend keeping surveys under 10 minutes to complete. Long surveys can cause fatigue and result in poor data quality.

Survey structure

  • Start the survey with a few sentences that set the context and expectations of the survey.
  • We recommend asking five rating questions followed by one open question as surveys are naturally measurement-focused rather than conversational. 
  • End the survey with an open question that seeks ideas and solutions for improvement.

Topic: Development & Experience

Type Survey

1. As part of our plan for the year, every [six months] we will run a general [engagement] survey containing [six] questions to help us understand your experience at [ACME] so we can continue to improve.

2. The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete and you will have [two weeks] to share your thoughts.

eNPS 1. How likely are you to recommend [ACME] as a place to work? 
Message 1. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
Rated statements

1. I have opportunities to grow and develop at [ACME].

2. I feel connected to the wider [ACME] team.

3. I feel heard when I share my thoughts.

4. The work I do is important to me.​

Open question

What would help you to have the best work experience at [ACME]?