Understanding category cards

📺  Watch the video lesson here: Understanding insights


If you are a leader or someone who has been tasked with responding to people in Joyous, you can view real-time insights about conversations in Joyous.

The basics of category cards

  • Conversations are grouped by topic and category in Joyous.

    💡  For example: In our Culture conversation set, we have a rating scale that asks: 'There are people at ACME that create a supportive working environment for me'. This relates to the topic Support, which is part of the Well-being category.

  • The category cards in Joyous display rating scale question results. These cards help you understand which categories, topics, and conversations to focus on.
  • When you view insights, you will initially see a summary grouped by category.
  • You can apply filters to insights.
  • For each category, you can view a rating summary, topic trends, and rated statements over time.