Invitation to training

🗒  Note: You can send this to responders 2-3 weeks prior to a scheduled training session.

From:             Senior Leader

Audience:      Responders


Your team has been selected to participate in the upcoming Joyous campaign launching on [Campaign Launch Date] !

What do you need to do?

Starting on this date, your team [and you] will receive one conversation set each week via [email/SMS/Slack/Workplace]. The campaign will run over 3 weeks and be focused on [objective].

As a responder, you will have the ability to respond to the feedback from your team in the tool! Your responses are critical to the success of the campaign.

What's next?

We would like to invite you to attend a training session, in which we will show you how Joyous works. We will also provide advice and tips on how to respond to feedback.

[Details for leadership training sessions here]


Your attendance and support are greatly appreciated.


[Sender details]