Leader support for Joyous (Conversation set)

Combine a Joyous question, training video, and one on one coaching – all into one.



This conversation set features seven conversations that have been designed to uplift leader capability when responding to feedback. It incorporates five tools from our leader toolkit that leaders can adopt when approaching difficult conversations. It also measures how comfortable leaders feel when using Joyous.


The seven questions can be run during the first seven weeks of an organisation's campaign. We recommend sending your regular Joyous questions on a Tuesday at 8.30 am and these questions can be sent to leaders on a Thursday at 8.30 am. We also recommend that organisations set the visibility of conversations so that HR partners or relevant leads are the responders. This allows conversations to occur in a safe coaching space.


The seven conversations can also be sent to leaders who have been using Joyous for a while but may need additional tools to help them respond to feedback.


Here is the full conversation set.


Leader support


Rated Statement Conversation Starter
I am comfortable having difficult conversations.  Watch this simple approach to a difficult conversation. What is your approach to handling a difficult conversation?​
I often use active listening when talking to my team. Watch this approach to active listening online. Can you think of a  recent example where you could have applied active listening​?
I motivate my team with positive feedback. Watch this approach to motivating people with positive feedback. What behaviours from your team align with the culture at ACME?
I focus on building relationships with my team. Watch this seof relationship-building statements. Which of these statements could work for you?​
I take the time to consider the impact of my feedback. Watch this video on filtering your feedback. What is one tip you can adopt right now to improve your feedback?​


Rated Statement Conversation Starter
I feel comfortable responding to my team in Joyous.​ Is there anything that would make you feel more comfortable?​
I regularly respond to my team in Joyous. What might help you to respond more regularly?