Making a comment

📺  Watch the video lesson here: Responding to feedback in Joyous


If you are a leader or someone who has been tasked with responding to people in Joyous, you will be able to comment on any conversation that is visible in your live feed.


1. Click Reply.

  • Click on the Reply button at the bottom of the conversation card. 

2. Type and send your comment.

  • Once you have finished typing your comment, hit the send button or press the return key on your keyboard. 

💡  Tip: You can enter more than one comment if you like.


3. There is no extra step required to send your comment.

  • Your comment is sent as soon as you hit send. A small blue 'sent' tick will appear below it immediately after you send it.
  • The team member will receive a notification including the details of your comment within an hour of you sending it.