My Direct Reports heatmap

📺  Watch the video lesson here: Understanding heatmaps


If you are a leader, you will see a heatmap of your direct reports in Joyous. Use this to figure out who you need to talk to, and what you might need to talk to them about.


What is shown on the My Direct Reports heatmap

1. Your direct reports are listed as columns on the heatmap.

2. Categories are displayed as rows.

3. Each cell shows the average score for the person across the rating scale questions asked for the category.

View rating scale questions

1. Tap or click on the category to expand it.

2. See a list of rating scale questions for the expanded category.

  • The questions are arranged in order of the date the question was sent (newest first).

📝  Note: If a question has been asked more than once, only the most recent one will be displayed in the list. Apply a question filter to view every instance of a rating scale question.


Interpreting the scores

  • Use the heatmap to see who is scoring differently from others. In the example above, Laura-Jane and Farhat are scoring lower than the rest of the team on Engagement. So, they may be the first people worth talking to.
  • Next, expand the Engagement category to see the rating scale questions.
  • Once the Engagement category is expanded, check to see which questions Laura-Jane and Farhat have scored the lowest on. 
  • Take a look at Laura-Jane and Farhat's responses to low scoring questions and see if there is an opportunity for you to support them. Perhaps continue the conversations in Joyous, or in real life.