Raise awareness for an upcoming campaign

🗒  Note: You can send this to your campaign audience and assigned responders one week before a campaign launches.

From:             Senior Leader

Audience:      Campaign audience & responders


We will be launching a new campaign in Joyous on [Campaign Launch Date].

[Business objective] is [a top priority for us / is in the process of being rolled out]. This is important to us as [“why?”].

We will be focused on this one topic over the next 3 weeks. We believe you have the expertise to help us find ways to [metric].

For this campaign [the leaders in your part of the organization / subject matter experts] will be responding to you, potentially asking you for more information or helping you on the spot.

Your ideas will influence the improvements we make. We encourage you to participate and share your knowledge and ideas to [Choose 1: shape how we grow / continue to make [Organization Name] a great place to work].


[Sender details]