Raise initial awareness of Joyous

🗒  Note: You can send this to your team members 1-2 weeks before launching Joyous.

From:             Senior Leader

Audience:      Responders and team members


Your feedback is critical for [Choose 1: shaping how we grow / make [Organization Name] a great place to work]. But collecting feedback doesn’t mean much if we can’t act on it. We want to use your feedback to make regular changes and improvements that are meaningful to you.

[Business objective] is [a top priority for us / is in the process of being rolled out] at [company name]. This is important to us as [“why?”]. We want your help to help us find ways to [objective/metric]. To do this, we will be rolling out a new enterprise conversation platform called Joyous.

Why did we choose Joyous?

Our goal is to build a culture based on trust, transparency, and open feedback. 

  • Open, not anonymous. We want to encourage you to share your honest and constructive feedback openly.
  • Quick, regular chats. It’s quick and easy to give feedback, and for leaders to respond to your feedback.

  • [Insert other reasons for your particular organization]

What do you need to do?

Nothing, yet! Leading up to the launch date, you will receive further information from us, including invitations to information sessions.

Our team are here to answer any questions you might have, at any stage.


[Sender details]