Skip a question

📺  Watch the video lesson here: Giving feedback in Joyous


In Joyous, you can skip a question if you prefer not to respond. You can also skip a question after you have responded to it.

1. Skip a question

  • When a question appears, click or tap SKIP QUESTION.
  • The question is skipped and the next question will appear.

2. Skip a question after answering it

  • If you have already answered the question but decide you would rather skip it:
    • For rating scale questions - Click or tap the score, then click or tap Remove score. Your question will appear skipped

    • For multiple-choice questions - Click or tap on your selected answer, then click or tap on Remove selection. Your question will appear skipped.

    • For open questions - Click or tap Remove message, then click or tap REMOVE MESSAGE again to confirm. Your question will appear skipped.