The Joyous Impact Loop

The Joyous Impact Loop illustrates how team members can positively impact their lives at work through continuous, open conversations.

The 7 key stages of the Joyous Impact Loop

1. INCLUSION - I am asked for my feedback before changes are made.

Joyous campaigns begin with selecting a target audience and asking that audience a conversation starter via Text, Email, MS Teams, Slack, or Meta Workplace.


2. PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY - I suggest an idea openly.

Just like other modern chat apps and social platforms, when you post your feedback, your name goes with it.


3. BEING HEARD - Someone responds to me.

Joyous is not just about gathering feedback. It's about real human conversations which are important in a distributed workforce where people often feel disconnected and where it may be rare for them to get the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns.

4. VALIDATION - I am informed the idea will be actioned.

After a campaign is run, key decision makers select themes to action. Audience members receive a message informing them of intended actions.


5. ACTION - I am informed the action has occurred.

Team members receive another message informing them of actions taken as a result of their feedback.

6. IMPACT - I feel the impact of that action.

Joyous makes life better for people at work. When a team member makes a suggestion that gets actioned, they contribute to making their own life better at work.


7. The organization feels the impact of that action.

The impact loop also positively impacts the organization. Through tangible impact e.g. cost savings, higher retention, fewer safety incidents. Other times it may be less tangible but each time you give an employee an opportunity to make their own life better at work, you're effectively building trust.