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The perception of providing feedback openly

A common fear that some people hold about providing open feedback, and our thoughts on it.

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A common perception:

You may feel nervous about sharing your honest feedback for fear of what your leaders may think of you.

The truth:

If you share constructive feedback, leaders will not only value your feedback, but respect you for it too.

Joyous is here to help not only shift the perception, but also to make the shift easy for you, your leaders and your organisation.



Our mission is to make life better for people at work. People just like you. In order for us to do that, we need to ensure that everyone feels comfortable giving and receiving feedback that sparks action.


Here are four things we do to make it more comfortable for you:

  1. We design our questions in a way that make them easy to answer. For example, questions are about your experiences and not what you think about your leader.
  2. We have training courses, like this one - in which the second lesson will give you six tips on how to provide constructive feedback.
  3. We provide your leaders with extensive support and tips on how to respond to you.
  4. We work with all the leaders in your organisation to ensure they value your open, honest feedback and take action as much as possible. 


This should help you respond to any question in a way that feels comfortable for you, help your leaders to feel comfortable responding to your feedback, and help ensure action occurs at all levels. This will help assure you that providing feedback is worthwhile for you.

Your responses matter!

Giving feedback allows your voice to be heard, and gives you a chance to make things better for you, and those around you. Trust in the fact that your organisation wouldn't be using Joyous if they didn't want to hear your honest, constructive feedback.