The Radical Candor Framework

Help leaders turn the Radical Candor® philosophy into regular kick-ass habits

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Most leaders understand that operating with Radical Candor® is a better way to lead - but while it’s a simple concept, it’s not always that simple in practice. Joyous supports leaders in large organizations to create high-performing teams through the regular practice of Radical Candor® - a perfect compliment to the training programme or book - thereby ensuring a positive impact on team performance & engagement over the long-term.


What is Radical Candor®?

A compass for candid conversations

The highest performing teams value feedback and ensure it is frequent, candid, and flows up, down, and sideways.

Use Radical Candor to help you guide your feedback to a better place by making sure your criticism and your praise are Kind, Clear, Specific and Sincere.

Get it
Asking for feedback is the best way to create an environment of trust and psychological safety.

Give it
Don’t let your discomfort stop you from sharing what’s working and what could be better.

Gauge it
Pay attention to the other person’s reaction. Respond accordingly.

How Joyous supports Radical Candor®


Boost Leadership Career Skillsproduct-ui-phone-healthcare (5)

Uplift the collaborative capability of your leaders by empowering them to care personally while challenging directly:

  • Increase Caring Personally
  • Embrace Challenging Directly



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Improve Team Communication

Build high-functioning teams that communicate effectively, grow together, and collectively make high-impact decisions that lead to positive outcomes:

  • Improve Decision Making
  • Support Personal Growth
  • Accelerate Career Development


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Increase Performance & Engagement

Drive results collaboratively, while making people’s lives better at work:

  • Promote Radical Candor
  • Discourage Obnoxious Aggression
  • Minimize Manipulative Insincerity
  • Avoid Ruinous Empathy
  • Encourage Regular Feedback