Joyous ADKAR conversations include everything you need to start talking about change at work


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Our transformation conversation set is becoming increasingly popular as most organizations are going through some form of change, whether it’s in the form of new tools or processes, a cultural shift, or a restructure.


Using the ADKAR change methodology as a basis for this conversation set, we help enlist and empower everyone in the organization to be a part of the change team, right from the outset.


Using the knowledge and feedback of each individual really helps ensure that a change is well-considered, people are informed and prepared, and ultimately that the change is a success, by everyone having a chance to support the business towards achieving its new objectives.


Transformation categories and topics

Category Topics
  • Reasoning
  • Approach
  • Risks
  • Impact
  • Comfort
  • Involvement
  • Motivation
  • Expectation
  • Processes
  • Tools
  • Training
  • Practice
  • Coaching
  • Experiments
  • Challenges
  • Feedback
  • Acknowledgement
  • Recognition
  • Satisfaction


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