Transition from weekly conversations to 3-weekly campaigns

🗒  Note: You can send this to your team members 1-2 weeks before transitioning to 3-weekly campaigns.

From:             Senior Leader

Audience:      All team members


We have been continuing to receive great feedback and ideas from you through your conversations in Joyous. Thank you for your participation and enabling us to make targeted, relevant changes within your team and to the wider [organisation name] organisation.

We want to ensure that we continue to use Joyous as effectively as possible. Starting on [launch date of first campaign] we will transition to 3-weekly campaigns that are focussed on one objective.

This will allow us to concentrate on one key topic at a time and take more targeted actions. The objectives will be chosen by [Steering Committee/Senior Leadership Team/Executive Team] based on our key business priorities.

What changes will I see?

  • You may not receive a Joyous question every week – for each campaign we will direct the questions to those who are most closely related to the topic. This may mean that you will not receive a Joyous question for 3 weeks or more in a row.
  • You may be having conversations with someone other than your leader – we will have the most appropriate people responding to you for each campaign. This may continue to be your leader, or it may be a subjective matter expert on the topic. This may also change from one campaign to another.
If you want to find out more, you can refer to [FAQ/internal page] or get in touch with [contact person/contact team].

We encourage you to continue to share your knowledge and ideas. Your input will influence the improvements we make at [organisation name].


[Sender details]