Understanding multiple choice question cards

You can filter results in the questions card to multiple choice questions only. This will help you see insights and participation for individual multiple choice questions.


1. Filtering your results to rating scale questions

  • Click or tap the dropdown on the questions card in the top right-hand corner.
  • Click or tap Filter, then Multiple choice only.
  • This will show you results for just your multiple choice questions.
  • Hover over the bar chart to see chart numbers.
  • Click or tap the bar chart to see the legend.
  • You can change the order of the questions using the drop-down menu.

Multiple choice question details

The multiple choice question card contains three key features:


1. Question description

  • The topic the question belongs to and date the question was sent.
  • Jump to the related conversations in the live feed
    • Simply tap or click on the blue search icon to the right of the question description.
    • This will take you to the live feed and automatically filter it to conversations that contain your question of interest.

2. Bar chart

  • The distribution of selected answers are shown in the bar chart. 
    • The light grey bar is the number people that received the multiple-choice question (Questions asked).
    • A dark grey bar represents the number of times the question was skipped.
    • Each blue bar represents a different multiple choice answer. 
    • The length of each blue bar represents the number of people that chose that answer.
    • The % displayed on each blue bar is calculated by:

      No. of people who chose the answer / No. of people who answered the question

3. Bar chart legend

  • To see the legend, hover over the bar chart or click or tap the bar chart.
  • This will show you:
    • The number of questions asked.
    • The number of times the question was skipped.
    • The number and % of people who participated in the question.