Visibility for agile relationships

Group Visibility allows you to give leaders visibility of conversations for groups of people who are not part of a reporting line. You can use attributes in your data to determine which leaders get visibility of which groups of people.

Organizations using agile methodologies such as scrum often have a number of additional leaders who help with particular aspects of day-to-day process, such as scrum masters. These leaders are usually outside the normal hierarchy of team leads and managers.

For example, each team may have a scrum master to coach them on using the scrum method to keep their projects on track. Some scrum masters may be assigned to multiple teams.

Once you have [Team] as an attribute on your people data in Joyous, you can create visibility groups to set up who the scrum masters are for each team.

When scrum masters view their Live Feed, they will be able to see conversations with all the people in teams they are assigned to, and join in when something they can help with comes up.

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