Weekly chats on focused topics

Most organizations using Joyous choose to start weekly chats focused on just one topic a week.

Watch the video lesson here: How Joyous works


Organizations can create their own conversation starters, or select from our library of conversation sets.


If you are a field worker, you might receive your conversation starter via text message. If you are a desk worker, you might receive yours via your company email. These messages are sent from Joyous on behalf of your organization. Joyous messages typically consist of a single rated statement, followed by an open conversation starter. However, you may be asked other questions such a multiple choice.


It is common for everyone in your organization (or division) to be asked about the same topic, for a given week. This makes it easier for everyone to focus on just one thing, including your leaders, who we encourage to take immediate action - when possible.


By clicking the link in your SMS or selecting a rating in your email, you'll be taken to your own Joyous conversation view. This works much like any other chat app and should be familiar to you. As a team member, you don't need to log in. Joyous is a browser-based app. The information in the link helps us to know who you are. This means it is really quick and easy for you to respond. 


It only takes a couple of seconds to select a rating, and perhaps a minute or two to respond to the open conversation starter.


An example of a Joyous conversation