What happens when a team member leaves the organisation?

In this article we outline what happens in Joyous when a team member leaves your organisation.

When a team member leaves an organisation the people data information sent to Joyous should be updated to reflect this.

This can be reflected in two ways:

  • The person should be removed from the data (preferred).
  • Include a flag indicating the person has left.

When an update comes through Joyous will check for either of these and will archive the relevant team members.


📝  Note: We do not automatically archive people who are administrators. If an administrator of Joyous leaves your organisation you should notify us via email that you would like them to be archived.

Changes in Joyous for archived team members:

  • They will no longer be sent emails or texts for new questions or activity on their existing conversations.
  • Their name will no longer appear in the filter list.
  • Their previous feedback will remain in Joyous.
  • Their previous scores will still count towards campaign averages in Dashboard.
  • They will no longer count towards the participation calculations for new conversations initiated after they were archived.