What happens when a team member switches to a different leader?

If a person moves into a new role or has been part of a restructure, they may switch to a different leader. If there are changes to a person's leader, the people data information sent to Joyous should be updated to reflect this.


This can be reflected by:

  • Updating the value of the person's manager email in your people data (e.g. from janeb@acme.com to johnc@acme.com).

For the old reporting line leaders:

  • They no longer see any of the person's feedback.
  • The person's name will no longer appear in the filter list.
  • The person no longer appears in the direct reports heatmap.

For the new reporting line leaders:

  • They see all the person's feedback, both old and new.
  • The person's name will appear in the filter list.
  • The person appears in the new leader's direct reports heatmap.