What is Joyous?

Human Conversations and AI Analytics in one




Joyous helps people talk about a specific topic that impacts them every day - right at the time decision makers are planning to do something about it. Joyous starts conversations and a real person from your organization responds.

Joyous identifies actionable phrases, groups them in real-time and delivers a prioritized action plan. Joyous accelerates operational excellence, strategic program execution, transformation, tools adoption, customer experience and more.

What to expect as a team member?

  1. You will receive a unique link from Joyous via Email, SMS, Microsoft Teams, Workplace or Slack. 
  2. When you click your link it will take you to your Joyous conversations without needing to login. Here you can answer the specific questions from your organization. 
  3. Someone from your organization will then have the chance to start a conversation with you. They may ask another question, offer support or thank you for providing your ideas.

👉 If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your leader at your organization or contact us at support@joyoushq.com.