Who can see your feedback

Joyous is good at getting feedback to where it’s most useful.

Watch the video lesson here: Who can see your feedback and when to respond


For most organizations, traditional leaders such as your direct manager will see everyone in their part of the organization. For a traditional reporting line, feedback typically flows up the hierarchy, so your boss’s boss can see their feedback, and also yours, all the way up to the CEO who can see everyone.


People in your team that are not your manager can usually not see your feedback. In most organizations, the HR person for your division also has visibility of your feedback, although they will rarely respond.


If you are working in an agile part of the organization, it’s likely that your tribe lead, agile coach, and potentially your product owner will be given visibility of your conversations, especially if using our agile adoption conversation set.


Typical leaders in a agile environment

Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 8.44.18 AM


Finally, for some campaigns, especially those around custom topics or learning and development, you might find that visibility - and the task of responding to your feedback - is primarily given to subject matter experts.


We can change who sees responses depending on the campaign. If you move from one part of the organization to another, your feedback goes along with you, so your new leader can see it.