Why does Joyous use unique links to deliver messages?

To make Joyous more accessible to everyone, even people out in the field, we do not require you to download an app or input a password when responding to Joyous messages.

Instead, every email or sms question we send asking contains temporary links that are unique to you. These unique links provide you with direct access to all your previous responses, and conversations.

This is an important feature of Joyous. One which is well understood by the stakeholders who selected and approved Joyous for use in your organisation.

As every email or sms question we send contains links that are unique to your profile, please do not forward this email or sms to other users.

It is worth noting that anyone who can see other people's responses is required to log on securely in order to view them.

👩‍💻Get in touch with us at support@joyoushq.com if you have any questions or concerns.