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How do I interpret a conversation?

When an audience member provides feedback, it appears in a conversation view in the Live Feed or Inbox.

There are 9 key elements in a conversation:

Live Feed elements:

Inbox elements:


1. Awaiting response indicator.

  • This dot appears next to the audience member's name when there is no facilitator reply to an audience member's first comment or image. It is a visual cue for facilitators looking at the Live Feed. 
  • The dot appears for comments and images only. Ratings and skips are not counted.
  • The dot is only displayed until a facilitator replies to the audience member. Additional audience member comments after a facilitator has replied do not cause the dot to return.

2. The audience member's details.

  • This displays the audience member's name.
  • You can click on the audience member's name to see more information about the audience member such as department, manager and role.

    3. The starred conversation icon.

    • This indicates that the conversation is marked as important.
    • Starred conversations can be filtered in the live feed for later review.

    4. The rating scale question sent by Joyous.

    • At the start of a Joyous conversation, the audience member is usually presented with a rated statement and asked to select a score from a 10-point rating scale. 
    • This text is the rated statement that Joyous asked the audience member.

    📝  Note: The first question may not always be a rating scale question, but this is the most common type of first question. 


    5. The audience member's score.

    • If the audience member selects a score, their feedback will appear in your live feed.
    • The score selected is displayed underneath the rated statement.
    • The audience member may choose to skip selecting a score, in which case 'Skipped question' will appear instead of a score.

    📝  Note: A conversation card will only appear in your live feed if an audience member answers a question.


    6. The open question sent by Joyous.

    • After an audience member selects a score or skips a rating scale question, they may be asked a related free text question by Joyous. This is to encourage them to send helpful feedback and begin a discussion with you as a facilitator.
    • If an audience member doesn't respond to the open question, then it is marked as 'not answered'. Below is an example of how a conversation will appear if the audience member doesn't respond to the open question.

    💡  Tip: As a facilitator, you can still respond to an audience member, even if they have not replied to the open question. This is a good idea, especially if the person has scored 6 or below.


    7. The audience member's comments.

    • The audience member's comments can appear anywhere in the conversation and will be to the right of their initials or avatar. They can comment multiple times.
    • Audience member comments with actionable phrases will appear highlighted in the message bubble.

    8. Facilitator comments.

    • If you have commented on a conversation, your comments will appear in a dark blue message bubble on the right-hand side of the conversation. Your initials or avatar appear on the right-hand side of your comments.
    • Other facilitator comments will appear in a light blue message bubble on the left-hand side of the conversation. Their initials or avatar appear on the left-hand side of their comments. The name and time sent are always displayed on top of other facilitator comments, even when not selected, including a reply () icon to indicate they are facilitators.

    9. Reply () icon.

    • Facilitators can click the reply icon.
    • A modal will appear where facilitators can reply to audience member comments.