How do I set up a campaign?

You can set up campaigns in the Calendar.

There are 6 steps to setup a campaign:

1. Create a new campaign

2. Document your campaign context

3. Select your audience

4. Assign facilitators

5. Set your time and timezone

6. Choose your send method

1. Create a new campaign.

  • Navigate to 'Calendar' and make sure there are no filters applied to the filter bar.
  • Use the forward and back arrows to navigate to the date you'd like to run your campaign. 
  • Click on the Calendar day that reflects the first day of your campaign.
    • You will be presented with an 'Add new campaign' dialogue.
  • Click 'Continue'.

2. Document your campaign context.

  • Click the 'Campaign context' field to bring up the context settings.
    • Here you can set: Campaign name, Campaign goal, Executive sponsor, Campaign lead, Estimated ROI, ROI hypothesis, and choose which Board to associate the campaign with.


3. Select your audience.

4. Assign facilitators.

  • Click the 'Facilitators' field to bring up the facilitator settings.
    • Here you can: Assign facilitators, give visibility to reporting line or dotted line leaders, enable the AI facilitator, set the method in which facilitators receive reminders, and select the day of the week facilitators receive their weekly summary.
  • Once you have adjusted all the settings, you can either click 'Save only' or 'Save & notify'.
    • Clicking 'Save & notify' will bring up the email that will be sent to facilitators to alert them of the new campaign.
    • If you don't wish to alert facilitators of the upcoming campaign just yet, click 'Save only'.

5. Set your campaign timing.

  • Click the 'Timing' field to bring up the time and timezone settings.
    • Here you can: Choose your send time, select your timezone, choose the day which unresponsive audience members receive a nudge, and choose when to close the campaign to prevent new responses coming through.

6. Choose your send method.

  • Click the 'Send methods' field to bring up the send settings.
    • Here you can: Choose the priority of send method, adjust the email 'From name', choose your email template, and upload an email logo.

🔗 Once you have adjusted your campaign settings, you can input your campaign questions.